About us

We are all crazy. Crazy about sports. Nothing better than to move, to sweat and to empty your head. Our slogan…? Keep on movin’…


Football and tennis but basicly allround sports fan. Saw a dream come true with this campsite. Loads and loads of sports facilities and 16.000 square meters for camping. It won’t get better than this.


Tennis and football. Very attractive and great with figures. Takes care that everything gets paid and collected in time. You can always wake her up for a game of tennis.


Hockey. Lazy and pubertal. By letting her work hard on the campsite we try to make her helpful again. To other people except her parents always nice and friendly.


Football and tennis. Personally tried all the sports facilities and activities and doesn’t want to go home ever since.


Running and hiking. Sweetest camping dog in the whole world. Gives paws and high fives and loves to take a nap after playing and running.


Allround sports fan. Well known for his organising talents. The more complex the job, the better his mood. At our campsite he feels like a fish in the water. Trouble shooting and organising all kinds of activities. It won't get any better...


Acrobatics. Capable of resisting extreme heat and cold. No wonder that he is responsible for the sauna and the iceman workshops. Is a physiotherapist as well and always available for a consult.


Football and athletics. Once a great soccer player famous for his headers. Due to physical problems not able to practise sports anymore. His analysis are still very sharp though. If you start talking about that you won’t be home for midnight.