About us

Where did we get the idea to start a campsite...? That's a very good question. Call it a mixture of a long cherished dream and fate. Suddenly the moment was there that we could actually set up a campsite in Amsterdam. From that moment on our lives turned into a rollercoaster. Installing water, electricity and sewage facilities, purchasing sanitary facilities, purchasing many other things, solving problems we never knew they existed etc. etc. Many things that went wrong, but fortunately a lot more things that went right. Step by step and little by little we approached the opening of our campsite in April 2022. We had a great first season and met loads of really nice people. Many things went well, a couple of things could do better. A campsite is never finished, there is always room for improvement. We give it our very best and put whole our soul and salvation into it. We are going for it and hope to welcome you at our lovely campsite.

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